Mothers, I bless you to be all that our Heavenly Father has created you to be and to accomplish all that He has pre-destined and purposed for you to do.

I bless the day that you were born as a day of Divine Purpose and Providence in the Great and Wonderful Unfolding Plan of God.

You are an AMAZING MOTHER, but you are ALSO a beloved daughter, a cherished friend, a woman of great courage and a fresh wind of hope and grace to those around you.

I bless you this day with a contagious joy that brings strength and refreshing to you, to your family and to your community.

I declare to you that even now the Lord is directing your path to bring into your life those who will both recognize and water the seeds of creativity and passion that the Lord has placed deep within your heart for all to see and enjoy.

I bless the Day that you gave birth to each one of your Children, as a Day where Heaven truly met Earth and the Goodness of God in and through your life was evident for all to see and hear.

Before time began, the Lord chose you to love, to nurture, to teach and to train up the wonderful gift that your children have become to His Body, to this Church Family and to the World around them.  …

This morning, He says to you -  “WELL DONE – GOOD & FAITHFUL – you are His Beloved Daughter and IN YOU – He is well-pleased!”

You have been blessed with a supernatural wisdom and understanding to train and instruct your children in the ways of the Lord and the thoughts of God.

You are a woman of great faith – a faith that is unshakeable,

You are a woman of Unexplainable Joy- a joy that is unspeakable

And - You are a woman of unbelievable and sacrificial love that just keeps giving -a love that is unstoppable!

You have been purposefully planted for such a time as this both in your family and in this family, so that you can become all that you were created to be for all of the world to see!

Mothers – Today and Every Day Forward - We Honor you and we LOVE you – Happy Mothers’ Day!