Pastor’s Blessing:
Congregational Blessing

I bless you today in the Name of Jesus that your eyes would be enlightened to the full hope of God’s undeniable and unique calling for your life. May you be strengthened today with might in your inner man as the Holy Spirit comes upon each and everyone of you to minister and impart the outrageous, courageous, contagious and overflowing love of our Father to and through your heart!

I declare to you that today is a New Day in your life and in the life of King’s Way Church. This is a day where God’s Presence and God’s Power have been made abundantly and freely available to you and to yours!  This is a place where the Great Grace and Abundant Mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ are available to any and to all who need His touch of restoration in their life! Even now healing waters are being stirred on your behalf!

I bless you today with Godly Wisdom, Character and an Increase of Understanding and Divine Insight where you have been challenged personally and did not know how to move forward with honor and integrity. I bless you in your sphere of influence to be a sign and a wonder of God’s Glory pointing the world around you to the beauty of His Son!

I bless you today with Divine Health and Supernatural Strengthening in your physical Body. I bless your mind to only think and meditate on the things of God and the reality of Heaven invading the Earth around you! I bless you to be a carrier of the manifest presence and power of God releasing the Kingdom of Heaven everywhere you go.

May you have the mind of Christ even this day as your mind is being renewed to think God thoughts and to walk only in the ways of the King! May the thoughts you think and the words you speak release grace shaped containers of the Kingdom in the hearts of those who hear you

I bless you today with divine expectancy in your spirit man and excitement in your heart of hearts as you live out the wonderfully prepared plans of God for your life to their fullest and utmost potential!

I speak NOW to the Angels that have been assigned to your life and to your God-given destiny to be fully released without hindrance to both minister to you and to go before you opening doors of acceleration, favor, influence, opportunity and promotion that you would see all that God has prepared for you and prepared you for become a present reality in your life!

I bless your heart with an increase of faith and vision for your life, your family and your business. I bless you to walk in faithfulness with what God has entrusted to you spiritually and materially. I bless you to be a Kingdom conduit of Blessing and Financial Increase that in and through you all the families of the Earth would be blessed.

I bless your finances to be multiplied and increased as you continue to honor God with your first fruits, your tithe, your offerings and your charitable and benevolent giving as the Lord leads. I bless you that no matter what you have need of in your life – it is being provided for you NOW by the Power of the Holy Spirit, the Grace of the Lord Jesus and the immeasurable Goodness of our God!

I bless you today to walk in the fullness of God’s double portion anointing for your life. I bless you to be salt to this city and a light to this world as the revelation and reality of Christ in You – the Hope of Glory is more fully realized and released each day of this coming week! May your boots be bathed in butter and your steps in cream as our Rock – the Lord Jesus Christ pours out Rivers of New and Fresh Oil for you!

I bless you in the Magnificent – Wonderful – Matchless Name of Jesus Christ!