Prophetic Word for July || Episode 35

Jun 25, 2024    Jason Hooper

This July the Josephs are coming out of the prison! The life of Joseph shows us that nothing & no one can rob you of your destiny.

Many with a call to marketplace ministry are being promoted to a place of influence in this season with the affluence of your Heavenly Father seeing the favor of God & resources released for God’s glory & the building of His Kingdom.

Joseph’s dream may have landed in him the P.I.T., but it was praise that got him out. False accusation may have landed him in prison, but it was his pure prophetic persistence, as he endured an extended time of testing, that brought him out stronger & more refined in his character than he went in.

How you respond to the unjust actions of others can cause your gift to grow & your character to mature like few other tests can. It’s in this place that you overcome the fear of loss & begin to walk in the anointing & authority to set others free.

July is going to be a month where you're going to be positioned to show kindness to those who tried to kill you. You are being anointed to provide divine assistance to those who partnered with a demonic plot to assassinate your character as modern-day Joseph's have been positioned in places of favor with authority prior to times of famine so that the goodness of God will bring many to repentance.

For those of you who have found yourself in a pit, praise is what brings you out. For those who have felt yourself walking through a season of being falsely accused or being talked about in a bad way for the good things you have done, I want to encourage you to remain pure in your heart & to persist in your gifting as you learn to rest in God's grace & look for opportunities to encourage others no matter what your life looks like & before you know it, your prison doors are going to swing wide open!

For those of you who relate to Joseph’s prophetic process, get ready…it may just be that the wealth of the wicked is about to come into your hands that it would flow through you to bring God’s eternal blessings to others.

Praise your way out of that pit, prophesy your way out of that prison & watch your pathway to promotion open up to you at just the right time!