Prophetic Word for July Part 2 || Episode 36

Jun 26, 2024    Jason Hooper

Link to Prophetic Word for July Part 1:

July is your month to overcome in the areas that you have felt overwhelmed, to experience release in the place of your greatest resistance, for your promise to produce, and a month for your family to flourish!

In Part 2 of the Prophetic Word for July, Pastor Jason shares prophetic insights into the warfare that had worked against Joseph and how this same warfare has caused many to feel overwhelmed, but all of that changes this July as Pastor Jason how to put into practice the tools to overcome and be victorious.

They pushed me right up to the edge, and I was ready to fall, but you helped me to triumph, and together we overcame them all. Psalm 118:13

It was the testing of Joseph’s dream that was what God used to purge his character and prepare him for the place of influence he was born for. In the places where you have been gripped by a past fear of loss, you are now receiving  divine faith of God to loose others from the bondage of what’s been.

We believe this prophetic episode of our Kingdom Living Podcast will be a blessing to you and we pray you are richly encouraged and equipped by this broadcast!

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