Prophetic Word for June || Episode 31

May 28, 2024    Jason Hooper

“Behold, the former things have come to pass, and new things I declare; Before they spring forth I tell you of them.” Isaiah 42:9

June is a month to experience great advancement where you have encountered great adversity.

June will be a month of fresh oil and prosperity being poured out upon the Body of Christ, as those who have remained planted in the promises of the Lord begin to progress from a place of transition into a posture of birthing. In Psalm 92, David shares how fresh oil causes those who are planted in the House of the Lord to be fertile, fruitful and to flourish even in their latter years.

In the same way that May was a month of Momentum and Transition (see links below to Prophetic Word for May Parts 1 & 2), this month of June will be a time of Holy Spirit Manifestation and Fresh Oil as the oil of joy and strength of the Lord is poured out upon the Church in a fresh new way.

Many in this coming month of June will go from places of transition to transformation, from trauma and loss to triumph and new life, from pruning to prospering and producing, and from what looked like doom and gloom to experiencing beautiful new blooms and great spiritual and personal growth.

Prophetic Word for May Parts 1 & 2

May is Your Month of Momentum:

The Momentum of Transition:

We believe this prophetic episode of our Kingdom Living Podcast will be a blessing to you and we pray you are richly encouraged and equipped by this broadcast!

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