Prophetic Word for June & July 2024 || Episode 34

Jun 18, 2024    Jason Hooper

In this Prophetic Word for the month of June and July, Pastor Jason shares about the prophetic bridge between the months of June and July as we go from a month to see and see clearly to a time of overcoming every opposition to God’s promises as we confront and eradicate the giants in the land. When the Lord is with you, you are well able to overcome any and all opposition in your life and step boldly into your promised land.

July will be a month to confront and kill the giants that have occupied what you have been created and called to inhabit. Davids will begin to emerge in July from the fields of obscurity to do away with that which has opposed the full manifestation of God’s glory and the move of the Spirit that all of creation is groaning for.

David did not run away from opposition, but when he ran at Goliath what had been great opposition became an even greater opportunity. In the same way that David used Goliath’s sword to cut off his head, God is going to use the very thing that the enemy thought would take you out to bring you in. God is going to cause what the enemy has meant for your harm God intends to use for good as the wealth of the wicked comes into the hands of the righteous.

Pastor Jason also identifies certain physical conditions that are the results of spiritual attacks and exposes the root behind each of these physical conditions while ministering to those who have experienced these attacks and gives practical keys for how to recognize and resist these in the time to come.

June is a month to strengthen your roots as you become more grounded in the place of your planting in a way that God can supernaturally produce His life in and through you in the month of July. As we prepare to crossover from June to July, a supernatural grace for acceleration is coming upon the Body of Christ where what has taken months in times past will only take moments in this present time.

There is an anointing coming to the body of Christ that will destroy the yokes that have been holding many back from what God has called them to step into. The anointing destroys the alignments that have caused you to be wrongly aligned in past seasons and this anointing will not only bring you into the place of divine alignment for your assignment, but it will also make way for those that you are called to run with you to run to you.

As you partner with your God-given identity and allow what God has said about you to shape how you see yourself, your situation, and your season in the second half of June it will give way to divine direction for the month of July. Just as in the case of the 10 spies seeing themselves as grasshoppers, what we perceive about ourselves we project and what we project we tend to attract.

Make plans to join us this Sunday at King’s Way Church for “Prophetic Patterns of Revival and Outpouring” as we explore the new expressions of Revival and times of Outpouring and Renewal that God is leading His Church into in this hour. We will also be having a powerful time of ministry as we partner with these prophetic patterns and the blueprint of the Lord for Awakening in our nation and the world!

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We believe this prophetic episode of our Kingdom Living Podcast will be a blessing to you and we pray you are richly encouraged and equipped by this broadcast!

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