Why Online?

We are always seeking to make MORE room for MORE people to experience the MORE of GOD! 

Through our online experience, you can be trained and equipped biblically, practically, and supernaturally wherever you are in life, no matter time or distance.

If you've been looking for a school that isn't merely about content, platforms and promotion, but encounter, true family, and supernatural power then apply now for King's Way College Online.

King's Way College Online is a platform for individual, societal, and global transformation.

Apply today and join a family that is changing the world!


What is the total cost?
Tuition: $2,000.00  |  Application Fee: $40.00  

If accepted, do I pay anything prior to the start of school?
Yes, your first payment of $1000.00 is due by September 1st, 2024 and your final payment of $1000.00 is due January 3st, 2025.

*All Tuition Payments are non-refundable.

Do I have to login at a specific time?
No, all classes will be archived for your convenience. There will be live, online events with this program, and though it is encouraged to attend, we understand your schedule may not comply, so these live events will be archived like your weekly classes.

How do your semesters run?
Semester 1: September-December  |  Semester 2: January-May

Is King's Way College Online a one-year program or multiple years?
KWC Online is a two-year program, but all first year students will have the option to transition to second year on-site or continue the program online.

What is the application deadline?
August 31st, 2024

What about celebration/graduation for online students?
We gather onsite for these powerful moments of impartation and activation. This time usually occurs within the first two weeks of May. Bringing the family together is the heartbeat of all we do.

What platform do you use for the college?
We use Populi for your online school experience.