Pioneering Podcast (Part 3) || KWC Podcast Episode 26

Feb 14, 2023    Jason Hooper, Tim Beck

“For a lot of people, the road of ministry is harder than it has to be, but when you build on family and you have genuine fathers, you can have forever fruitfulness.” - Pastor Jason Hooper

In this finale of our special “Pioneering Podcast” mini series, Pastor Jason and King’s Way College Director Tim Beck unpack more of the history and heart behind King’s Way College and what it looks like to be a Pioneer!

With true five-fold instruction and impartation as well as a foundation of family, King’s Way College truly is a unique and empowering ministry school experience that will set you ablaze and launch you into your calling.

If you have a burning in your heart for something MORE - if you recognize that you have the DNA of a PIONEER - then join us THIS FALL at King’s Way College and get ready to DISCOVER who you were always created to be!

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