"Transformational Transfers" IN 2023 || KWC Podcast Episode 23

Jan 10, 2023    Jason Hooper

In this episode, Pastor Jason shares a prophetic preview of “Transformational Transfers” that will take place IN 2023.

Through the unpacking of prophetic parables, the searching of scriptures, and the sharing of testimonies Pastor Jason teaches you in this broadcast how to embrace and live from the Hope that God has deposited in your hearts and how to receive the wealth transfers, time transfers, and gifting/anointing/mantle transfers God desires you to walk in for His Glory and the advancing of His Kingdom in 2023 by faith in the areas where we have been found faithful.

In 2023, God is marking those who have been transformed for transformation and these kingdom transfers will empower you to prosper in your stewardship of time, treasure, and talents!

We believe this episode will be a blessing to you and we pray you are richly encouraged and equipped by this broadcast!