Pioneering Podcast (Part 2) || KWC Podcast Episode 25

Feb 7, 2023    Jason Hooper, Tim Beck

In this second part of our special “Pioneering Podcast” mini series, Pastor Jason and King’s Way College Director Tim Beck further excavate the powerful history of Hebron as it relates to generational transfer, covenant promise, and pioneering with God!

You were called to be a PIONEER. Now is the time to put away every distraction and silence every other voice that would try to hold you back from who you are called to be. All of creation is groaning for YOU to step in to your DESTINY and at King’s Way College, we exist to help you deliver what you are called to carry!

Join us THIS FALL at King’s Way College to begin your PIONEERING journey, align with those you are called to run with, and discover JESUS like never before!

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