"Reformation Day & The Life of Luther" with Pastor Adam Pruitt || KWC Podcast Episode 18

Oct 25, 2022    Jason Hooper, Adam Pruitt

In honor of Reformation Day, King’s Way College Instructor and King’s Way Staff Pastor Adam Pruitt joins Pastor Jason in the studio for a journey through the fascinating history of the Reformation and the life of Martin Luther, exploring what faithful stewardship looks like.

Now more than ever, it is so vital that we are faithful in the places where God plants us if we want to see the world revived and reformed into the spotless Bride that Jesus is coming back for. Revival begins with us and true faithfulness looks like consistency despite the circumstances with a heart that stays connected to the Vine!

As you tune in to this episode, be inspired by the life of this amazing reformer and allow his story of courage and faithfulness to fan the flame in your heart as you continue to pursue the call of God upon your life! We pray this episode will be a blessing to you and we pray you are richly encouraged and equipped by this broadcast!