5783: "Your Turning Point Year" || Episode 13

Sep 20, 2022    Jason Hooper

In this week’s podcast, Pastor Jason shares an in-depth look at what will be unfolding in this coming new year along with several powerful prophetic words, revelatory insights, key strategies, and faith-filled declarations!

This is your turning point year!

A “Turning Point” can be defined as either a decisive point at which significant change occurs or a point at which something someone changes direction in a significant way.

This is a year tides will turn!

This is a year of retribution as standards are raised and next-level anointings are released to increase!

This is your year of next-level loyalty and next-level authority!

This is a year of exposure and it is a year of promotion to those who have learned valuable lessons from their past that have prepared them to pass the tests of their present unlocking God’s favor for their future!

We pray you are blessed, equipped, and encouraged by this broadcast!